Good Life Rule #1

GL Rule #1Life will kick our ass if we let it!  But we only let it, when we lose focus of how good our life is!  Yes, you may not have all that you want, you may not be living where you want, driving what you want, or have your dream career, but NEVER lose focus of what you do have!

Life can get so busy keeping up with obligations, routines, and demands, that you never take a moment to look at where you are, what you are, and what you’ve accomplished so far!  The fact that you are still breathing means that you have accomplished stuff!

Nobody knows the hell that you had to go through just to get to where you are today!  Remember all those times that you felt like throwing in the towel and “flipping off” your obligations?  But what did you do?  You pressed on!  Sometimes you don’t even know why, but you pressed forward anyway!  You may have done it grudgingly but you did it, and actions beat the crap out of intentions!  Congratulations to you for persevering!

Now think about what all that persevering has done in your life, how did it change you for the better?  That’s what you need to be thankful for!

I’ve always loved the saying “I may not be where I want to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be!”

Your Good Life starts by taking a moment to INDULGE in gratitude for what you do have, what you have accomplished, and for who you are right now!

The dictionary definition of “Indulge” is: “to allow oneself the pleasure of something”

Allow yourself the pleasure of recognizing that you kick ass!  Come on now, give yourself this moment!  What did you do that others said you could never do?  What do you still have in your life, that was almost ripped from you?  Was it your health, your job, your spouse, your home, or all the above?  Who are you right now?  I don’t mean what’s your name, I mean if you could only call yourself something based on your accomplishments, what would you call yourself?  Come on, say it!

Okay…I’ll calm down a bit, lol!  But seriously, this is how to INDULGE in gratitude.  Stop looking forward for just a minute and appreciate your life today, your Good Life!  Now take this awesome appreciation of who you are & what you’ve accomplished and go out there and face head-on whatever challenges you may encounter, knowing that soon they too will be on the list of what you have accomplished!

Life is good & you’ve got the goods, live your Good Life now!

Cheers to your  Good Life!

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