Your strengths are greater than you think!

The first time I watched this video it deeply impacted me, what an eye opener to plainly see the difference between how people see themselves and how others see them.

The video emphasizes women not realizing their outer beauty, but the same principle applies to men and women not realizing their potential and capabilities.  The fact remains, just as you can’t see your face without a mirror, it’s hard to see your own potential without other people acting as a mirror.

One of the things I loved about pastoring a church was picking leaders. I would meet someone and almost immediately, get a glimpse of their potential, I could see them serving and leading in different areas. But what surprised me the most was when I approached them about it, they would almost always feel like they could never do something like that. I realized that they didn’t see themselves the way I saw them, I had more faith in them than they had in themselves. My next challenge was my favorite part, helping them take baby steps to build their confidence so they could change their beliefs about what they were truly capable of.  The reward was seeing genuine transformation as people changed their beliefs about what they could accomplish!

You are not only more beautiful than you think, but you can also do far more than you think! When the women described their own faces they pointed out their flaws, yet the others pointed out their strengths. It works the same way in other areas of our lives, we see our weaknesses, yet others see our strengths. Weaknesses are real, everyone has them, but that doesn’t mean you need to focus on them. As “Strengths Finder 2.0” teaches, “manage your weakness, but build on your strengths!” Don’t allow your perception of your weakness to keep you from the beauty of your strengths and God given gifts!  Do what your good at, that’s one secret to living your Good Life Now!

Ready for a breakthrough?  Take up this challenge: Send out an email or text to 5 people, and ask them to reply with five different words that describe you. Don’t be shy, tell them your taking the “Good Life Challenge” or something! Lol! Whatever you tell them, I’m confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised on how those around you see you!  Don’t let the results of this challenge go to waste, use those words to adjust your perception of yourself, change your beliefs about yourself, and do something awesome with your new found confidence!

Start a Revolution?  I dare you to take it a step further and share with 3 people  the strengths that you see in them!  For real do it this week, guaranteed to rock  someone’s world!  Now that’s a Good Life Revolution!

I would love to hear your thoughts or how these challenges impacted you, please share below! 😉

Cheers to Your Good Life!

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