Why I’m Blogging!


Life-Of-purpose-Qw (Photo credit: QuotedWallpaper)

I believe there is greatness in every person, and I’m not just trying to sound super positive!  There is the potential within everyone to live a life of deep purpose and great satisfaction, which I call the Good Life!

I’ve experienced radical transformation in my life at the age of 14 when I surrendered my life to Christ.  Amazed at the real changes in my life, I cried out to God in my room and said “God, I will do anything if you would use my life to do in others, what you’ve done in me!”

Since then I’ve had the priceless privilege of experiencing hundreds of people’s lives changed for the better, from working with individuals & groups for 6 years, serving 2 years as a youth pastor, 2 years as an associate pastor, & 7 years as a lead pastor.

In December 2009 I felt God leading me to step down from pastoring.  I then entered a 3 year sabbatical with no public ministry, where I discovered my Good Life!

The purpose of this blog is to inspire your Good Life through sharing my story, the stories of others, and stuff I’m learning along the way. I’m revealing personal experiences, practical tools, and bringing raw encouragement in hopes to inspire you to live Your Good Life Now!

Join me on this journey to start a revolution…the Good Life Revolution!

Cheers to your Good Life!

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