“Re-write Your History!”…Courtesy of John Mayer

I just bought my tickets to see John Mayer live in San Diego! What better timing to kick off my “John Mayer Inspired” section! As a guitarist myself, I admire his guitar playing, love his vocal melodies, and find many of his lyrics inspiring & thought provoking. My “John Mayer Inspired” blogs will share a few of his lyrics and how they impact me, in hopes that they might inspire you too!” Not a Mayer fan?…Read on, you’ll still get inspired, and who knows you might just become a fan too! Lol!

First off, is a track from his album “Battle Studies”, entitled “Who Says”. Here’s the phrase I’d like to highlight:

Cover of "Battle Studies"

Cover of Battle Studies

“Who says I can’t be free from all of the things that I used to be, re-write my history, who says I can’t be free?”

I like the phrase “who says I can’t be free?”  If you try answering that question, you’d realize that YOU are the only one that can actually keep yourself tied to your past!  Who says you can’t be free from your past?  No, one!  And if you do find someone telling you that, it’s okay, that’s their OPINION!  They have the right to their opinion, and you have the right to think that their opinion is a bunch of garbage!

The first step to re-writing your history is choosing the voice that you’ll listen to!  The voice you listen to shapes your beliefs, which in turn shapes your future.  We limit ourselves by adopting self-limiting beliefs, consciously or sub-consciously.  Re-write your history by choosing new empowering beliefs such as “My past doesn’t equal my future!”, “God’s delays are not His denials”, or “All things are working together for my good!”

If you really want to get crazy, here’s a shortened version of you a tool that I use with my coaching clients:
Write down a list of a few of your self-limiting beliefs, then in a new column, re-write them in an empowering way.
Just seeing the new list can be a real eye opener, not to mention applying them to your life.

Pretty soon you can sing the song defiantly, knowing that no one can stop you from re-writing your history and shaping your future!

Cheers to your Good Life!

4 responses to ““Re-write Your History!”…Courtesy of John Mayer

  1. Great post! I have some things from my past that used to haunt me- since forgiveness I now see life differently. Those memories haunt me no more- now they just serve as a reminder of where I came from, and where I need to be with God.


  2. I LOVE Fathers be good to your daughters. Well, that might not be the tittle but that’s part of the song. I had it as my ring tone when my girls called me. Coach Arthur

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