The Power of Life Purpose

photo credit: godserv via photopin cc

photo credit: godserv via photopin cc

The key to living “the Good Life” is “life”, not an “experience”. It’s not about drudging through life in order to enjoy a little bit, and then grind through some more of life in order to enjoy a little more. Whew!……that’s exhausting, just thinking about it! Yes, we should celebrate those exceptionally “good” experiences, but life itself, can be fulfilling and satisfying everyday!

So how do we go about living “the Good Life” everyday? As I’m sure your well aware, life is an adventure, full of unexpected events & circumstances. By no means am I saying that it’s possible to live a life, free of challenges. Who would want that anyway, when it’s the challenges of life that give us our greatest gifts and opportunity for victory.

The “Good Life” is not about an experience, but rather purpose.  When someone is living their “Good Life”, it’s not because they have no struggles or challenges, but rather because life makes sense, purpose has been apprehended. When your in a state of purpose, you have a sense of mission, your on assignment, your life takes on a new meaning. When someone is living their purpose, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says or does, it doesn’t matter how much money they have, it doesn’t matter where they live, they are living “the Good Life!”

Purpose shifts perspective. Challenges and irritations can seem huge when isolated, but in view of a greater purpose, challenges become a means to an end, and quite often irritations are forgotten.

I remember a business owner friend of mine, sharing a story with me that proved how purpose can shift perspectives. He told how when sales were up and business was booming, his employees were happy, whistling around the office, and giving each other high-fives! Life was good, they had a purpose at work & they were fulfilling it! But he shared with me how when business slowed down and the employees weren’t able to engage in their job’s purpose, the energy dropped so low that they started complaining about the color of the carpet!! Interesting to notice how none of the employees cared about the color of the carpet when they were fulfilling their purpose.

How often do we complain about things in life, only because we too, are not fulfilling our purpose. Living “the Good Life” is purposeful, intentional living, everyday!

So, are you living your Good Life? If no, why not?

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Cheers to your Good Life!

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