155,000 People Died Today, But You Are Still Here

photo credit: Oberazzi via photopin cc

photo credit: Oberazzi via photopin cc

It’s estimated 155,000 people die every day on earth, but not you, not today, you’re still here…why?  Your heart is still beating for a purpose, a divine reason implanted within you.

When it comes to “life purpose” many people tend to over-complicate it because it sounds so grandeur!  It can be intimidating, as if you need to hear a rumbling deep voice from heaven saying, “THIS IS YOUR LIFE PURPOSE!!”  That can even sound a little scary, like if I fulfill my life purpose, does that mean there’s no reason for me to be alive anymore and then I’ll die?…Yikes!

Well have no fear, it’s not that complicated, and you can actually start living your life purpose now, or as I like to call it, Your Good Life Now! 🙂

So here’s how to get started it:

First off realize that your life purpose is not what you do, but who you are!

Let me explain with the Bible story of Joseph: Joseph was  a teenager who literally had a dream of being in a great position of leadership.  Unfortunately he was sold into slavery by his brothers, then falsely accused of rape and thrown into prison.  The amazing part of the story is that Joseph realized that life purpose is not a place or position, but who you are!  

As a young boy sold into slavery Joseph knew his purpose was to lead and govern, so that’s what he did, even as a slave!  His actions caused him to gain favor with his owner which gave him a privileged life for a slave.  Even after being falsely accused of rape, in prison he continued to lead and govern, which led to more favor, which eventually led to him being second in command of the entire nation!  Wow, talk about life purpose!

Joseph’s secret was living his life purpose literally wherever he was!  Why would he do that?  Because he knew that he didn’t need a position or title to live his life purpose, his life purpose was who he was, and he had to express it wherever he was!  

Living your life purpose today will lead to your destiny!  Joseph’s purpose was to administrate & lead, so that’s what he did EVERYWHERE HE WENT!  Because of that choice, doors opened for him that wouldn’t have and he stepped into a great destiny leading and preserving his nation!

Whatever your purpose may be you can find a way to express it today wherever you are!

Don’t wait for that approval, position, everything to be perfect, or whatever else your waiting for!  You are alive today to live your life purpose now!  Do what you were made to do wherever you are, with whatever you have today!  Why?  BECAUSE THAT’S WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU WERE MADE FOR!  Do it now, and watch God open doors for you that no man can open!  Go ahead do it!  Be free from fear, free from what others may think, free from all the lies that have shut you up & shut you down!  Do what you do, release your passion, do what you do!  Live Your Good Life Now!

Your world may not change overnight, but your life will be so much more fulfilling, and at the same time you’ll be enhancing your skills!

Believing the best for you!

Cheers to Your Good Life!

4 responses to “155,000 People Died Today, But You Are Still Here

  1. Amen. I love this post and these thoughts. Also, this reminds me of my own recent post on Syria, Bangladesh, and Boston, “Let there be light.” Yes, people die every day. You are right. We need to be grateful for every day we get. 🙂

    Really nicely designed blog, by the way!

    • Thank you Jessica!

      Loved “Let there be light”, tragedies like that truly make me grateful to be alive, and inspire me to love and encourage those around me to live life to the fullest!

  2. Amen! If we’re still here, we still have a purpose to fulfill….and we are already equipped. And yes, it’s who we are. Wonderful post! Blessings!

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