Top 3 reasons to write your goals!

photo credit: Bogdan Suditu via photopin cc

photo credit: Bogdan Suditu via photopin cc

Wow, can you believe we are at the halfway mark of 2013? I don’t know about you, but for me this year has gone by so fast! It feels like only last month that my family and I wrote our “new year’s” goals. Last week after dinner we hung out at the dinner table to review the goals that we wrote down in January. As each of us went over our goals we rejoiced that some have been accomplished, recognized that some are being attained right now, and faced the fact that some seem to be running the opposite direction! As we ended our time by re-writing our goals we discussed how this experience has benefited us. So I thought I would share with you some of the top 3 reasons that we enjoyed the process, in hopes to inspire you to write down your own goals and review them from time to time.

Top 3 Reasons to write down & review your goals:

1) Celebrate Accomplishments
What better feeling than to write down a goal, review it later, and realize that it has been accomplished! As my family reviewed our goals, it was so invigorating to remember a couple of months ago when we wrote down a desire that we had targeted, only to see it now in the past tense, finished, done, completed! The funny thing is, although the goal had been accomplished awhile before, we didn’t really celebrate it until we reviewed our goals and saw that we had written it down in January! What a great way to celebrate your accomplishments by simply writing them down.

2) Inspire Action
Sometimes writing your goals down seems to have a magical effect, that sub-consciously brings about completion without much effort. Other times a written goal is just that, a written goal, with no progress whatsoever. It’s when you review your goals and see no improvement that you realize that sometimes writing a goal is not enough, you must also write some plans of action! A unattained goal is not to bring about discouragement, but rather inspiration! A stagnant goal makes us realize that we need to create a better plan of action, get accountability, and put in a little extra “elbow grease” and get your “hustle on!” Use your stagnant goals as fuel to inspire action!

3) Bring Clarity
Regardless of where your goals are, writing them down and reviewing them always brings clarity. Reviewing goals that are progressing clarifies your next step of action, but reviewing stagnant goals can lead to some liberating clarity. Sometimes through the process of reaching for a goal, you get a glimpse of the outcome and realize that it’s not really what you thought it would be and would rather not pursue it any longer. Other goals may have been written in a different state of mind and are no longer desired. Regardless of the reason, striving for a goal is never a waste, because reaching for a goal is like a refining process for your dreams. Sometimes you have to be clear on what you DON’T want, before you find out what you really DO want! So reach for the goals that you have today, because even if you don’t reach them, they just may be the clarifying factor that reveals your true desire!

So there you have it, I hope these reasons inspire you to write down your goals, set a reminder to review them in a month or two, and get one step closer to turning your dreams into a reality!

Cheers to Your Good Life!

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