Summer Nights, Giving, and Snow Cones

photo credit: yi via photopin cc

photo credit: yi via photopin cc

“Give and it shall be given back unto you” a common verse from the Bible that has proven true in my life in so many ways.  Although I have been on both the giving and receiving side, it’s not too common to experience an immediate ricochet, so when it does happen it usually proves impactful!  So here is my latest, small yet significant story of giving and receiving.

Summer Nights, Giving and Snowcones

Throughout the summer, our church is hosting “Summer Nights”, which is a pretty cool hang out time after both of our Saturday night services.  They bring out 3 local food trucks, kids meals from a local restaurant, a DJ, and games, to encourage people to hang out after church.  Of course my family decided to check it out…they had me at “food trucks”!  As our family waited in line for the snow cone truck, my eleven year old daughter Giselle saw her friend Brianna, who decided to wait I’m line with us.  As our turn to order drew closer, I asked Brianna if she wanted anything, she replied “No, it’s okay”. Knowing eleven year old kids love snow cones, I prompted “Are you sure?”. She tilted her head down a bit and muttered ,”It’s okay, I don’t want you to spend money”. I could sense she really wanted one but was a little shy, so responded, “It’s okay, I want to bless you!  What would you like?”. I chuckled when she searched the menu for the least expensive item on the menu and pointed to it.  Honestly, I’m not real pushy, but at times I can really read & connect with people, and her lack of energy pointing to the $1.00 item, fueled my generosity. “How about I buy you a snow cone the same size as Giselle, and you guys can eat them together?”, I asked.  Finally I saw her genuine smile as she giggled out “Okay!”

As I paid for the kid’s snow cones and was about to walk away from the ordering window, the guy working the truck said “Hey, do you want this extra snow cone?  Some guy ordered it, but said he had to go to his car because he forgot his wallet.  I don’t think he’s coming back and if you don’t take it, I’ll have to throw it away.”  This time I was the one who expressed a genuine smile and giggled out “Okay!” Lol!

As I walked away with my big ol’ snow cone I felt a little embarrassed at how giddy I was feeling, lol!  To me it was more than a snow cone, it was as if God saw my generosity and immediately blessed me back, it’s as if God allowed me to feel how my daughter’s friend felt when I bought her one.  I literally “laughed out loud” and said “Wow, that was quick!  Give and it shall be given back to you!”.

As my wife and I shared the free snow cone, all I could feel was a great desire to live more generously. Somehow the possibility of God watching and rewarding such a small thing such as buying a snow cone for an eleven year old girl, inspired me to be faithful in giving in both large and small ways.  It’s not so much that God gave back to me, but rather the realization that it got God’s attention that inspired me, and encouraged the desire to continue to give as a way of simply honoring God.

If giving gets God’s attention, than let’s give away!

Cheers to your Good Life!

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